Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What version of WordPress does the Socrates Theme work on?

Socrates works on versions 2.6 and above.

How many domains can I install Socrates on?

Personal license is good one personal domain, unlimited license for all your personal domains. See our licensing page for more info.

Is Socrates Search Engine Optimized?

Like most WordPress themes, Socrates relies on the WordPress framework and plugins for search engine optimization. Some themes will state that they are SEO optimized because they build in custom title, meta tag and linking elements. We actually plan on doing that for our next release.

However, in our download area we have several videos which show you how to install our recommended SEO plugins, and also ways to setup Socrates to be more SEO friendly. This is something most themes lack. They build in features, but they don’t teach how simply optimizing WordPress itself can be much more effective for SEO. So no matter what theme you use, it can always be search engine optimized.

Will you customize Socrates for me?

As far as setting up, just tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to assist you. If you’re referring to custom coding contact us with more info.

I love this theme, can I contribute some coding to improve it?

Absolutely, we plan on encouraging collaboration on our platform.

Does it work on a Mac?

Socrates is a WordPress theme that is web-based. It is installed on your domain inside the wordpress dashboard. It is not a desktop application.

Can I use standard plugins and widgets with the Socrates Theme?

Yes, and if you come across a plugin that doesn’t work, please let us know. There are 1000’s of plugins so please understand we haven’t tested with all of them. Please do not email us asking us if a particular plugin works. You can safely assume it does… if not, we’ll make it work for you.

I have a blog, can I use Socrates?

I’m sorry, no. Socrates must be installed on a domain running WordPress software. It won’t work on a hosted blog.

I have (X number) WordPress sites. Is it difficult to transfer them to Socrates?

It would only take about five to ten minutes to transfer each site to the Socrates Theme and set them up.

My blog is hosted on XXXXX Hosting Company, and after warching the video I would like to change my template to the Socrates Theme. How would I transfer my blog and content to Socrates quickly and easily?

Your web host has little impact on installing a new theme. If you already have WordPress, you just install the theme as you would any other. You do it via Appearance > Add new themes. There are tutorials and instruction in the Member’s Area.

With the Socrates Theme, can you limit the columns to just one (no sidebars) and remove the header completely – in order to make a clean site without any distractions?

Yes, there are “no sidebar” layouts and optional header display in Version 2.03+.

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