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Features Include…

  • Built in Header Generator
  • 200+ Niche Header Designs Click Here For Examples
  • Upload Your Own Headers
  • 2 Magazine Layouts With Featured Sliders
  • Portfolio Templates
  • Optional Built In Adsense, Affiliate and Clickbank Ad Bar
  • Social Media Slider – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, RSS
  • Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
  • Custom Styling and Color Options
  • Affiliate Program Integration
  • 728×90 Banner Custom HTML Rotator
  • Multiple Sidebar Layouts
  • Internet Marketing and WordPress Training
  • Monetize With Any Affiliate Program or Network
  • Sales Page Templates
  • No Side Bar Template
  • Squeeze Page Template
  • Advanced SEO Layout
  • In Post Ad Units – Can be Disabled on Per Post Basis!
  • Incredible Support and Community Forum
  • And Much More!

Once you order you’ll also get instant access to our Video Tutorials…

  • WordPress Installation Video
  • Socrates Installation Video
  • Adsense for WordPress
  • The Everything WordPress Webinar
  • WordPress Plugins and SEO
  • Cpanel and WordPress Setup
  • How To Locate Profitable Niches
  • How To Profit From Trends
  • How To Find A Great Domain Name
  • The Best Webhost For Your Domain
  • How To Get Google To Pay You Money
  • How To Get Paid To Promote Other People’s Stuff

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Rave Reviews For The Socrates WordPress Theme…

 Product Review – Teresa Miller

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Socrates Theme!”

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Socrates theme! This is the theme that I have been looking for and waiting for. I have bought other customizable themes, and always struggle with the non-intuitive interface. This is so easy. You guys are genius!

“Thanks for this theme, I plan to recommend it to everyone.”

– Teresa Miller

 Product Review – Mark Call

“SIMPLE, Yet Powerful SOLUTION!”

“Guys…I am swappin’ ALL of my sites to the Socrates Theme! Thank you for this SIMPLE, yet Powerful SOLUTION! I will be promoting this to EVERYONE!

“Awesome job!”

– Mark Call

 Product Review – Dave Ovenden

“Love The Theme!”

“Love the theme I will also be using it on future niche sites that I am building. Well done to everyone involved!”

– Dave Ovenden

 Product Review – Vitaly Grinblat

“I’m Gonna’ Use It On All My Affiliate Niche Sites!”

“This is a great theme, I’m gonna’ use it on all my affiliate niche sites.”

– Vitaly Grinblat

 Product Review – Jim Garvin

“Even With My Blog Half Done It Looks Great!”

“I want you to know this is a great way to make a great looking blog. Even with my blog half done it looks great.”

– Jim Garvin

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 Product Review – Jay Aaron

“Great For Internet Marketers & Online Marketing Of All Sorts!”

“Thanks to you both for what is already a good theme, and looks like it’s going to evolve into a great one for Internet Marketers and online marketing of all sorts.

“In short: Highly recommended!”

– Jay Aaron

 Product Review – Pat Marcello

“You Totally Rock And I Love It!”

“Wow! This is an awesome theme. I’m really excited about it and installed it right away today. Still playing around with it, but the possibilities are endless.

“What I really like is that you can customize this theme any way you want to, and then, in a few months do it all over again and it appears to be a completely new theme. It’s very user-friendly, too.

“Keep this stuff coming! You guys are always coming up with the cutting edge stuff. You totally rock and I love it!”

– Pat Marcello

 Product Review – Ted Denton

“Switching Over ALL My Sites!”

“You’ve hit a homerun! Love Socrates! Bought the unlimited license last night and have changed one of my sites over already.

“Great job… it’s heads and tails above another “special” theme made for marketers that just has problems after problems. I’ll be switching over all my sites for the cleanliness and simplicity of Socrates!

“Thanks a million for your efforts…much appreciated!”

– Ted Denton

 Product Review – Zane Abden

“One Of The Best WordPress Themes Ever!”

“This is one of the best wordpress themes I ever get, very fast and best of all it has randomize ads and social media bar. I will highly recommend this to any niche marketer.”

– Zane Abden

 Product Review – Rob Smith

“It’s Super Easy…Literally Took Me 10 Minutes!”

“I just got my copy and it is super easy. I still need to fill it with content, but it literally took me 10 minutes to get it loaded and make a page. I am going to suggest this to small businesses that need a WordPress website. Love the affiliate capability!”

– Rob Smith

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 Product Review – Arno Moos

“It Took Me 20 Minutes To Redesign And Everything Works!”

“It took me 20 Minutes to redesign and everything works directly…the other Themes I used kept me busy 3 days fighting bugs…”

– Arno Moos

 Product Review – Marvin Webster

“I Didn’t Think Anything Could Change My Mind…”

“I didn’t think anything could get me off of StudioPress and 75 Press, but I was wrong. You just did.”

– Marvin Webster

 Product Review – Donald Cartwright

“I Have Literally Tried DOZENS Of Custom Themes…”

UNBELIEVABLE!!! THIS is the one…I have literally tried DOZENS of these “so called” custom themes, and this one wins by far!! If you don’t buy the unlimited domain license, seek counseling.”

– Donald Cartwright

 Product Review – Tom Justin

“Thanks For The Great Customer Service!”

“As I get deeper into Socrates, just like the man, I find more and more benefits than I first realized. And, thanks for the great customer service, new headers and an all around professional approach that most companies can only dream about!”

– Tom Justin

 Product Review – Bernie Wiemers

“Best Theme I’ve Come Across In A Long Long Time!”

“I just purchased and installed the Socrates Theme. What can I say, but WOW! You did a fantastic job, it’s so easy to use and the result is a nice clean professional design. This is the best theme I’ve come across in a long long time.”

– Bernie Wiemers

Get The Socrates WordPress Theme

 Product Review – Josephine Marcellin

“I Was Able To Get Up And Going In Less Than 10 Minutes!”

“I’ve just installed Socrates and it is just FANTASTIC – I was able to get up and going in less than 10 minutes just following along with the webinar you held with Joel Comm. This is an incredible achievement for any newbie.”

– Josephine Marcellin

 Product Review – David Theberge

“Am I Supposed To Be This Excited?”

“Tell me, am I *supposed* to be this excited about a WordPress theme?”

– David Theberge

 Product Review – James Murphy

“I’m Stoked Beyond Belief!”

“Your theme appears to INSTANTLY solve the dilemma I was facing, in just getting off the ground with WP, to implement. I’m stoked beyond belief!”

– James Murphy

 Product Review – Ted Denton

“Customer Service Is Dan’s Personal #1 Priority.”

“I’ve been steering people towards Socrates since I bought and installed it on all my blogs, and now I have personal proof that customer service is Dan’s personal #1 priority. He didn’t have to go where he did in trying to locate the problem but he did, and that alone is the difference between Socrates and 99.% of the theme developers out there!”

– Ted Denton

 Product Review – Tracey Leak

“It Is The Easiest Thing To Use.”

“Thank you so much for Socrates – I just love it and changing everything over to it as it is the easiest thing to use plus super cool with all the added features, etc.”

– Tracey Leak

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 Product Review – Tavis Yeung

“Great Theme!”

“Great theme! the speed / ease of customization is absolutely amazing. thanks for a great product!”

– Tavis Yeung

 Product Review – Bob Minelli

“I’m Brand Spankin New To Internet Marketing…”

“I’m brand spankin new to I.M…learning Socrates has liberated me into feeling that I actually have a chance to make something positive happen in affiliate marketing.”

– Bob Minelli

The Socrates Premium WordPress Theme

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  • WordPress and IM Tutorial Videos
  • Lifetime Upgrades of Socrates Theme
  • Option to remove footer link
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Retail Price: $149 Sale Price Today: $77

Get The Socrates WordPress Theme

Single Domain License – $47.00

  • Use on one personal/business domain only
  • Access to member’s area and blog
  • WordPress and IM Tutorial Videos
  • Lifetime upgrades of Socrates Theme
  • No removal of footer (affiliate) link

Order Single Domain License

Domain Hosting and WordPress 2.6+ Required
Does Not Work on Blogs
Add Videos And Images To Posts Using WordPress Functionality
Works with all Major Plugins.

Our Recommended Webhost

Our Recommended Host

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Due to the low cost of the unlimited license there is no upgrade plan from
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Socrates Theme Video With Dan Nickerson – Transcription

For those that prefer to read, this is a transcription of the video from this article.

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Dan Nickerson details the features of the Socrates Theme for WordPress

Dan Nickerson details the features of the Socrates Theme for WordPress

Hi, this is Dan Nickerson and welcome to the Socrates Theme. Socrates was developed by Joel Comm and myself and we’ve both been fortunate to make a lot of money online selling templates, creating Adsense websites, and developing ClickBank products, and we recently decided it was the perfect time to create a premium WordPress theme created by us for marketers and affiliate marketers, and anyone who wants to create a quick niche website.

So we built Socrates as a platform; it has built in monetization, it had ClickBank, it has special SEO features like all our navigation links have no follow and new window options on them. We have over 200 niche headers that you can instantly add any type of text or subtext to; we’ve optimized the layout for SEO. We have all kinds of cool Widget functions as well, and this is just the demo site that we currently have. And I’m going to show you a quick tutorial here on how to get setup really quickly with Socrates.

So just take a few minutes, and I’m going to show you how to create a niche site very quickly with WordPress. And you know what, I haven’t even installed WordPress yet; I can do that really quick. I’m in the back end of cPanel so I’m going to scroll down to the software and services tab and I’m going to click on Fantastico Deluxe, and this is how you actually install WordPress via cPanel and if you have Host Gator or another major host this is automatically built in. I’m clicking WordPress, I’m going to click on new installation – now I’m going fast because this is a demo.

Obviously you can slow this down again if you want to watch it. I’m just going to do a little video demo directory, if you were going to put this in your primary domain you would leave this blank, and I’m going to set up a password here – admin password – and I will change this so don’t try to access it after you see this video. I’ll leave this blank for right now, I’m going to click on install WordPress, and then I’m going to click on finish installation, and I’ve now fully installed WordPress on my site, and I’m going to open this in a new window so you can see this is what it looks like right now.

I’m going to login with the information I just created, and click on login, and next thing I want to do is actually upload the Socrates Theme. So of course I’ve downloaded to my desktop, if you purchase the Socrates Theme you’ll get a zip file because you don’t have any other themes in here right now, and also if you’re using WordPress 3.0 there will be a little thing that says install themes at the top of this section – you just click on that.

And now I’m going to click on upload, and I’m going to browse to my Socrates zip file which is – excuse me for one second as I go into here and I’m going to go into the latest version, and I’m going to install it. I’ve just actually installed Socrates; you can see it’s version 2.03, this is our latest most advanced theme.

I’m going to click on the little Socrates tab here, and we have a splash page that has information and resources to help you get set up. I can go into my layout and I have all of these five different options for layouts. I’m going to choose this one right now, I’m just going to click on save, and if I want to add in a title, description, and keywords for SEO I can do that. This changes the main page of the keyword. If you have an SEO plug in it will actually overwrite this as well.

And we have built in monetization with ClickBank so let’s just say I want to put in Joel’s ClickBank ID, I can type in JComm right there. If I have Google analytics I can enter the analytics code right here and it will actually insert into the header which is Google’s new recommended setting, and you click on save there.

I have post display settings, so say you’re an affiliate marketer and you don’t want to date your content, you can actually turn off the author, date, and comments right here by clicking off and they won’t make your site look like it’s dated. I have in post ads, so if I want to add an in post ad I can actually go and I’ll just copy some Google Adsense that I have here, and I’ll paste the code right here, and I only want this to repeat twice per page so I know how many Adsense ads I have displaying. I can also use in post ads, I can put it at the bottom of every post, I can choose that to display only certain times, if you want to put an opt in box or a *** banner program you can do that.

This is a cool feature of Socrates – this is our leader board. If you don’t want to display a top leader board you can just turn it off, however we allow you to rotate three different HTML codes for 728 by 90 banners, or you can put Adsense in there but you should rotate Adsense by the way.

Click Here To Get The Socrates Theme

Then we have a social media slider which is pretty cool, so if I want to put in my Twitter information, I could go Twitter, Dan Nickerson, if I want to put my RSS feed for this site I could put in that RSS feed. I’ll just do a quick one right now, I’ll just put feed – I have FaceBook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

And then I have some built in ClickBank monetization. This one is for The Secret Classroom, one of our products, and this is also for Socrates. If you leave it blank the ads won’t display, so it’s totally optional and I’m just going to leave it blank for now.

We also have a little section – if you want to put in a little ad advertising code on the top ad bar you can add HTML blocks here, and I’m going to save that, and that’s the first section that we’ve set up.

Let me go to navigation, and here we have four navigation bars. We do it a little differently than other themes. We sort of make you take this extra step when setting up your site so you can have more options, and so this allows you to keep content private. It allows you to – not like Google index it – so say you want to put privacy pages and contact pages, you don’t want to give up any Google page rank, you can actually just click on no follow and then Google won’t index that site.

I can actually drag, if I have Firefox, I can drag right over here and I can type in this is my about page, and then this is my homepage, and I’m just going to type in here and just go like this and that will be my homepage for this.

I also have lower navigation, so say you want to get some links out to other sites in your network, you can actually do bottom links and you can do a copyright notice here. I’m just going to type in copyright now – 2010, I’ll just leave the rest of that blank, but I can add in all these different URLs and these actually get loaded in the footer left. I’m going to save that and you’ll see how all that works out in a second.

And then I’m going to go to styling, and here we have six different default styles you can use, and if you want to change the colors to customize the backgrounds, the top links, the primary links, and the header color, you can actually go right in here and click on it and I can change the color instantly in here using the color picker.

And so I’ll just save all that, and here is one of the signature features of Socrates, which is our header tool, so you can see right here it’s black. It’s actually loading right now a bunch of headers, and we have preloaded over 200 headers and we’re adding more all the time. We have business category, computers, energy, finance, games, health, legal, music, nature, people, pets, real estate, sports, textures, we’re going to keep adding more and more and actually in our forum people are contributing headers all the time.

I’m going to choose a business header, I’m going to click on this little graph, and once I did that you’re going to see the graph right here, and I’ll just type in Socrates demo, and I’ll put Socrates tag line here, and I hit enter, and I can also align as the center. You see the color? I can actually change the colors right here, I’ll change the bottom color there. I can increase the size of the title, I can increase the size of the subtitle, put it back to the left – oh by the way, I can also change the font, and of course I can upload by own header image so if you’re a graphic designer you just create your own header image 960 by 150 and you upload it and you then you just select it from user uploads box here and you’ll have your own custom header.

I’m going to click on save and then the final piece of the puzzle here is just the background, so if I click on background I can choose yes I want a background image, and I can choose any of these different colors here. you can see it changing here as I click, so I’ll just choose grey stripes right now and if you know a little bit about CSS you can actually repeat using repeat function, so depending on what kind of header you upload yourself – this way you have your own background up loader as well, and I’m going to click on save. And we’re done – we’ve configured our Socrates site – and by the way we also have banner exchange, you can click on that to learn more about the banner exchange.

I’ll go back to the site, I’ll reload. Okay, so here’s the site, you can see I have the header I created, I have the title, I have the tag line, this would be where my code would rotate, so this actually just rotates every four seconds or so. This is my social media slider, so I rotate my social media banners, if you put in ads here they’ll rotate as well like every four or five seconds they rotate, this is where you put your posts, and we actually have the ability – on a per post basis – to actually disable these as well.

So I’m going to go back and show you one other thing, and this is a new features of version 2.0, and that is if I want to create a squeeze page or a sales page. If I want to create a sales page I can just go in here, type in a title, and then I can go in here and choose my template, and you can see that I have a contact form – by the way we also have a built in contact form. We have no sidebars, we have sales pages, we have a skinny sales page, and we have a squeeze page. So I can click on skinny sales page, I can choose whether I want to show my footer now, I can put a copyright disclaimer notice, I can choose to keep it hidden as well – I can no index and no follow this page.

So once again, more SEO features that most themes don’t have, and I’m not going to show you the full tutorial, but you can actually just put in your code here and it will create the sales page.

If I decided to do a squeeze page, I can turn off the header, I can show Socrates in the footer if you want to do affiliate link, I can put HTML here, I can put my video embed code from YouTube or whatever video service I’m using, I can put more HTML below it, I can do a page footer, and this is where I put in my opt in code and it will just generate a squeeze page quickly.

But if you want to learn more about that, because you know we have great tutorials in the member’s area, once you purchase at the price we have today – it’s a great low price – you get access to our member’s area and also our growing form.

In fact, if I just go and click on forum right here you can see that we have a – very quickly generating a very popular forum with tons of people talking and helping us improve Socrates on a daily basis. That’s in for the tutorial, I hope you purchase Socrates today and if you have any questions – hey that’s what we’re here for, thanks a lot.

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Socrates Theme Version 2.03 Final Released!

Announcing the official release of Socrates Version 2.03!

Click Here To Get The Socrates Theme

Some of this fixes that have been made between 1.2 and 2.02 Beta…

  • Added a “Skinny Sales Page” template. You can customize it in css/skinnysalespage.css and salespage2.php
  • Fixed issue with optional blog header turning on/off on old style sales page (issue only with WordPress 3.0)
  • Fixed header selection on web hosts running PHP4
  • Checkbox to disable in-post ads on a per post basis
  • Removed reliance on divHeight(), should fix any remaining plugin/overlay/page height issues
  • Added nofollow/noindex option to page templates
  • Checkbox to selectively show left and right footer nav on all page templates
  • Added ability to pick a background color for the header (instead of an image)
  • The about and home links are no longer automatically added back to the main nav when removed
  • Fixed an issue with the div tags on the index page that would sometimes cause the style to appear different on individual posts than it would on the index page

We will be releasing more sales page and squeeze page templates in the coming weeks. They have some good basic functionality but we’ll continue to improve them and you’ll be able to simply upload new templates via FTP to your Socrates directory in order to use them.

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Socrates Theme For WordPress – Version 2.0 Beta Released!

Socrates Theme For WordPress 2.0 is out!

Socrates Theme For WordPress 2.0 is out!

This just in from Dan Nickerson…

Just released – Version 2.0 Beta!

You can download Version 2.0 from the Members Download Area.

Click Here To Get The Socrates Theme

A few important things to note.

  1. The file size is much smaller, just 800K, because the headers are now dynamic
  2. All your Version 1 settings will be saved EXCEPT for any custom headers or backgrounds, so you won’t have to reconfigure the theme.  Just update new fields
  3. Sales Page and Squeeze Page Templates are controlled in the Page Editor, not the Socrates Dashboard (they are basic designs right now)
  4. More tutorials are forthcoming.  For now, it’s pretty intuitive.
  5. If you see your sidebar drop after installing in Firefox, just reload the page and it will fix it.

If you would like to upgrade your current install here’s how to do it.

  1. Save any custom headers or backgrounds to your desktop
  2. Download Version 2.0 Zip from the Downloads page.
  3. Open your domain’s WordPress dashboard
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate another theme – “default” is fine.
  5. Once Socrates is inactive “delete it”  (you won’t lose your settings)
  6. Go to Appearance > Add New Themes and then click “upload”
  7. Locate the zip file on your hard drive and upload
  8. Activate Socrates 2.0
  9. Update any new fields you find in the layout
  10. Check your headers and reupload any custom header or backgrounds

That’s it! It Can take about ten seconds if you’ve done this before.

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Joel Comm Comments On Designing The Socrates Theme

Joel Comm is one of the Internet marketing gurus (along with Dan Nickerson ) behind the creation of the Socrates WordPress Theme. Here’s a great post from Joel’s blog detailing some of the history behind this development.


If I had a nickel for every person that wanted to build their own website, well, I’d have a LOT of nickels!

The problem is that most people get stuck at the “building a website” part.

They pay massive fees to have custom sites created.

The spend a lot of money on incredibly complicated software.

And they end up more frustrated than ever.

That’s why I have been hard at work on a solution that is affordable and practical.

What I’ve ended up with is about to blow over the obstacles that have been standing in your way!

You may be familiar with WordPress.  As the world’s leading blogging platform, WordPress offers a number of standard “themes” anyone can use in the design of their website.

But these themes were not created with you in mind.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the Socrates Theme for WordPress!

The Socrates Theme

You’ve never seen a template as easy to use with so much functionality. Check out what’s included with the Socrates Theme…

  • Custom Header Design System
  • 160 + Niche Headers (Now 200+!)
  • 1000’s of Design Combinations
  • Built in Clickbank Monetization
  • Built in Social Media Slider
  • Tutorials and Training
  • Internet Marketing Training videos by Dan Nickerson
  • Integrated Affiliate Links for Theme earn 50%
  • Sales Page Template
  • Advanced SEO Built Right In

With Socrates, not only can you control all the links on the primary navigation bar, but we also give you three optional navbars.  At the top right, bottom left and bottom right.

We have also included an optional “Ad Bar” which allows users to insert a 728×90 Ad Unit above their content, and lets them enter a Clickbank ID to rotate two Clickbank products on the top right.

There is also a “custom html” section in the upper right where more ad units, optin boxes, or any html code can be added.

It’s get better.. in this same space we’ve added some social icons for Facebook, Twitter, and your RSS Feed.

Choose From 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own

The Socrates Theme comes preloaded with 50+ backgrounds to suit your own personal style.

Create Custom Headers On The Fly!

Over 160 Niche header designs which you can instantly insert into your theme and brand with your site title and description.

Multiple Layout Design

We’ve added the ability to choose left sidebar, right sidebar, and split sidebar designs with either 150px width or 300px width.

This is just the beginning of Socrates.

Socrates Theme is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Wait till you see how easy Socrates is to use.  You’ll be creating your own sites in no time!

Click Here To Get The Socrates Theme


Joel Comm - Creator of the Socrates WordPress Theme

Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. An expert on harnessing the power of social media and mobile applications to expand your brand’s reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create a new media campaign that will explode their business.